RISE 2019 Conference

Transforming University Engagement In Pre- and Post-Disaster Environments: Lessons from Puerto Rico

Engineering & Coastal Resiliency: A National & International Imperative: Infrastructure Challenges Facing our Islanded Communities


Time: 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM, November 18

Location: Room 375 - Campus Center

This panel will explore the extraordinary challenges related to failures of the critical infrastructure that our coastal communities face when exposed to extreme natural hazards such as tropical and extra-tropical storms or tsunamis.  The panelists will review these challenges from the perspective of the built, water and wastewater utilities, power, and communications and interconnections among them to maintain the lifeline of the communities.   The review will draw from their experiences of catastrophic events such as Hurricanes Sandy and Maria in New York City and Puerto Rico, respectively, as well as from more frequent, however intense events.  The role of academic research and services to mitigate failures will be incorporated in the discussion.