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Transforming University Engagement In Pre- and Post-Disaster Environments: Lessons from Puerto Rico

Faith Hall


Dominion Advisory Group, Ltd.


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Faith Hall, a law graduate, is a Bahamian poet, writer, independent researcher, consultant and strategist. She is Cofounder of the Dominion Advisory Group, registered with McIntosh and Co. Counsel and Attorneys at Law, Freeport Bahamas. Ms. Hall left the office of the Prime Minister as an advisor in late 2017 after a change in administration. She also retired as a strategist and principal speechwriter of the Progressive Liberal Party. Faith had served the former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Perry Christie in private and public sector capacities for some twenty years. Ms. Hall developed a passion for climate change mitigation and or adaptation after a company she was affiliated with responded to an RFP in 2008 by the then Government owned power company to provide alternative energy generation for the Bahamas’ most southerly island, Inagua, where salt is harvested by Morton Salt. She then began independent research into the possibility of hybrid renewables as an alternative to Bunker C Oil, but eventually became more interested in the impact of hurricanes on the archipelago. Faith’s most current work brings focus to the plight of environmental refugees, post traumatic stress disorders in autistic children after catastrophic storms, and the attempt of San Francisco and Oakland to launch civil suits against the international big 5 oil giants. A Hurricane Dorian survivor, Faith Hall continues to advocate for the establishment of post graduate programs in The Bahamas, using the country as a test case, in Environmental Law, Coastal Engineering, and Emergency Management.