RISE 2019 Conference

Transforming University Engagement In Pre- and Post-Disaster Environments: Lessons from Puerto Rico

Shaleen Miller

Visiting Lecturer

University of North Carolina


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Shaleen Miller is a visiting lecturer at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where she directs the Natural Hazard Planning Graduate Certificate Program. She also teaches Environmental Studies at UNC Greensboro.  Shaleen is receiving a PhD from Florida State University this year in Urban and Regional Planning. She also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Houston and a bachelors from University of Texas at Austin. She has a passion for environmental planning and how nature is integral to creating and maintaining healthy environments and quality of life. She is a multidisciplinary research with a background including finance, anthropology, and positions on boards in local government. This has led her to be mindful of how people use space and how that space affects people. Previous research has included how creative financing can help bicycle and pedestrian projects come to life and examining environmental justice in terms of park equity. Shaleen is currently working on how parks and greenspaces fit into creating more resilient places, especially considering the increasing impacts from hurricanes and other disasters.