RISE 2019 Conference

Transforming University Engagement In Pre- and Post-Disaster Environments: Lessons from Puerto Rico

Jorge Vanegas

Dean, College of Architecture

Texas A & M University


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The scholarly and professional activities of Dr. Jorge A. Vanegas, Dean of the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University (TAMU), and Research Professor of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS), include: applying creative, innovative, design, and entrepreneurial thinking within transdisciplinary collaborative environments; building capacity for resilience and sustainability in the built environment at urban, infrastructure, and facilities scales; and advancing capital asset delivery and management in the Design & Construction Industry through integrated strategies, tools, and methods. He was appointed interim dean of the college in 2008, and subsequently dean in 2009 by the Board of Regents of TAMUS. Dr. Vanegas has served as a technical advisor and a regular contributor to different academic institutions and D&CI organizations in the U.S. and internationally; and member of multiple research and education centers advisory boards. In recognition of his scholarly accomplishments, Dr. Vanegas has received throughout his academic and professional career national and international awards, including, among others: being inducted into the National Academy of Construction in 2018 and into the Pan American Academy of Engineering in 2010, and receiving the 2010 Achievement Award of the Engineering and Construction Contractors Association; and receiving a 2007 FIATECH STAR Award for Superior Technical Achievements. A registered architect in Colombia, he earned an Architecture Bachelor’s degree from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, and Master of Science and Doctorate degrees in Construction Engineering and Management in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, California.